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Creative Doors Standard Plus - R16 Steel

Creative Doors Standard Plus - R16 Steel

Product Code: R16

* Rustproof, baked-on polyester paint. This door can be repainted. * 1 3/4" (44.5mm) insulated door with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam ensuring a high-thermal-resistance rating of R-16 and remarkable sturdiness. * Solid mechanical overlap joint. Increases the weathertightness of the door and prevents delamination. * Thermal break between the interior and exterior faces of each section. * Flexible bottom weatherstripping ensuring the weathertightness of the threshold. * 14-gauge reinforcement plates, placed on the interior of the door where hinges, handles and electric opener attachments are secured. * Painted wood end blocks protect against cracking and provide a thermal break with the exterior of the door. Heavy-duty commercial hardware. 14-gauge galvanized-steel rails with 10-ballbearing action available.

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