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Weathershield Insulation

Weathershield Insulation

Product Code: Weather-005

Weathershield™ is a fibrous loose-fill thermal/acoustical type of insulation made from selected recycled paper stock blended with appropriate additives to provide resistance to fire, fungi, corrosion and pests. Weathershield™ is designed to be pneumatically placed using a blowing machine and delivery hose. Weathershield™ can also be spray-applied or even hand-poured in certain applications. Machine application is best, ensuring the product is properly conditioned and placed in the most efficient and economical manner. Weathershield™ provides both high R-Value and resistance to air leakage. As a loose-fill, Weathershield™ is ideal for horizontal or moderately sloped attic spaces up to 4½:12 in pitch. This product is also pneumatically dry-injected to fill enclosed spaces such as the cavities of flat or sloped ceilings, vertical walls and floors. Weathershield™ is used in both new construction and retrofit applications. Weathershield™ displays Environment Canada's "EcoLogo" (Environmental Choice Program), classifying it as an "environmentally friendly" or "green" building product

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